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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:55 pm

These rules are subject to change whenever the admin feels it necessary. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for violation of the rules. They are here to read, you are expected to read them:

Regional Rules:

- All members must abide by regional rules at all times. The first two violations are met with a warning. The third violation is met with a ban and ejection from the region and forum.

- Members are bound by medieval technology of the Early-High Middle Ages. Fantasy technology is not allowed.

- GMing will be met with a warning.

- You cannot RP for, in or about another nation without his or her permission. If you want to RP something that involves another nation, make sure that the other nation knows first, and agrees to it.

- You cannot RP for, in or about an NPC (non-playable character, the unclaomed territories). If you want to interact with an NPC, contact the Regional Admin first.

- If you want to fight a war with another nation, contact him or her by TG and work it out. Once that's done, send the Regional Admin your plan, so there will be no surprises.

- Once your nation has been accepted, any changes to your history, military, land claims etc. must first be approved by the Regional Admin.

- The decisions or the RP coordinators are final, and can only be overturned by one of the founders.

- Any nation that voluntarily leaves the region or CTE's (ceases to exist), and then comes back, will have to resubmit its application, unless a good reason is given before leaving.

- You cannot claim land that already belongs to another nation without their approval.

- Try to not make your history conflicting with those of other nations. Look at their history and try to mould yours around it.

- If a nation doesn't post for more than 30 days (without reason), that nation will be taken off the map.

- The use of multiple nations will be met with an instant ban from the region. Do not use multiple nations here.

- Member nations are expected to use their Nationstates flags, or the coat-of-arms version of their flags, as their forum avatar; and their Nationstates name as their forum name.

- RP coordinators appointed by the founders and/or through elections have the authority to govern the region.
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General Rules
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